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A database of my fanfiction work. Other users are welcome, of course, but vandalism with be met with harsh punishment. I'll be updating the best I can. Mostly what I have left from published stories and unpublished ones. You're all welcome to get involved here, and can even suggest forums and such.

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  • Blatant vandalism will be punished with an infinite ban for users. I removed the ability for anonymous users to contribute.
  • Comply with Wikias Terms of Use.
  • My wiki isn't the place for you to hate on and bash my writing. If you have free time to do this, consider taking up a hobby.
  • Categories require my permission to be created.
  • Character pages should have the stories acronym in the title.

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This is essentially a secondary resource for myself and others to view my writing, published and unpublished. Some of which is even unbeta'd, you can view my notes, timelines and other information.

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