WARNING: This chapter is unfinished, and the story itself, abandoned.

September 1st, Age 749

It's been a long month of training, but Goku has made great progress. I've pushed him to his limit every day, his power has grown from that of a weakling, into that of an Elite. He has proven himself a prodigy, and even created his own signature attacks. I've managed to imprint on his power; to make myself stronger. My power has grown, by 2.6 million. I think my practice of showing him how far he has to go helps; when his power was fifty thousand, mine was a hundred and when it recently became 5.2 million, mine was 10.4.

Goku and I are currently sparring, I'm holding back to gauge his progress. He still hasn't landed a single blow on me, in the entire month I've been training him. I can feel Goku weakening, he's going all out against me trying to win. He's unleashing several thousand kicks and punches, and I'm blocking every single one of them. I decide It's time to counter attack. I punch him in the face and quickly deliver ten kicks to the abdomen, I grab him by the throat and throw him into the ground, forming a crater.

I fly down to check on him, he's unconscious. His power is barely existent, so I heal him and wait for him to awaken. I feel his power grow a reasonable amount.

Minutes later...

He seems to be coming around.

"I lost again." Goku says, sadly.

"Yes. But you lasted longer this time and if you work hard; you will eventually be able to defeat me. You've made great progress, Goku. You have more power than all of Planet Vegeta combined at the time of It's destruction." I say, truthfully; cheering him up. I refrain from saying that he achieved that power weeks ago.

"I need a bath." Goku says. I'm glad I showed him a video demonstrating proper hygiene, I certainly wasn't going to bathe him myself or brush his teeth and wash his hair.

"Well, your done for the day, so go ahead." I say, in amusement.

"Okay! Bye Caesar!" Goku says, running to the forest. He still refuses to bathe indoors like a civilized person. I fail to see the appeal of bathing outside. Oh well, I need to go shower. I begin walking to my house.

While walking; I foresee a female guest arriving soon. Interesting. But I sense it will be after I shower.

Thirty minutes later...

I've finished showering and am currently waiting for Goku to return.